Sustainable Living, Education, Aquaponics and Small Living

Urban And Environmental Planning

Our Mission

democratize healthy living

Jason Alvillar & Elizabeth Kim

Democratize Healthy Living

We believe it's time to think of a way to live with a focus on the quality of life.  We work on solutions that are beneficial for the environment and us by making small changes in the way we live through permaculture.  We are working on not damaging the environment and instead giving back to produce an ecosystem that keeps on providing benefits to us and our world.  We invite all to share our experiences, knowledge and connections to assist others so they too may enjoy the journey we are upon to sustainable living.  Our mission is to live sustainably, educate and feed through aquaponics, vermiculture and by using the principles of permaculture.

Liz, Isabelle, and Jason

Our Pledge

We here at Genesis Clock Farm, we pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention. To help you achieve your desire to live a more sustainable life.

Sustainable Enthusiasts