Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale​​​

We attended a meet up at Full Circle Farms.  This farm is also a traditional farm.  They farm six acres of everything!!!  Everything looked so healthy!!!  We had a free exchange of things we brought that we made or grew, I took two mason jars of worm tea, two mason jars of alphalfa sprouts, some truffle cheese, crackers and a loaf of bread.  The compost tea was gone within two minutes, the alphalfa gone in 4.  The cheese was almost all eaten and someone wanted the leftovers.  I was able to get mini eggplants, dried persimmons (delicious), dried peppers, fresh peppers and we also ended up buying some flowering chives and some parsley in planters.  These have now been added to my garden and it looks beautiful.  I would visit this farm again and again.

This farm was a "joy" to visit.  The owner gave us the tour and showed us his methods of farming and sustainability.  They are very relaxed and do traditional farming.  They also do special events there as it is so beautiful.  It would be a great place to have a party or even a wedding!!!

We are so happy this farm opened!!  They have a great product and really a key model on a commercial aquaponic farming.  They share their space with Schoolgrown who provide wonderful classes on self sustainability and building your own aquaponic units.  These guys are the EXPERTS.

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What an interesting farm!!  It is part of UC Santa Cruz so they do a lot of research and experiments.  We picked up a box of persimmons that were so delicious, wish I had bought more but with all the different pumpkins in the trunk we ran out off space in the car.  :(

This was also a traditional farm.  The owner is a fast paced woman who has unlimited energy.  They were selling the most interesting pumpkins and other produce.  We bought every different pumpkin I had never seen in a grocery store.  By the time we left, we needed a trailer to haul our goodies into the trunk of our car!!!

UC Santa Cruz ​​Center for Agriculture & Substainable Food Systems

Crystal Bay Farm​ in Watsonville

Camp Joy Gardens in Boulder Creek

Ouroborous Farms in Halfmoon Bay​