Black Soldier Flies 

Nature's Garbage Disposal and Chicken feed?

Sustainable Living, Education, Aquaponics and Small Living

One of the other projects we have going is the black soldier fly larvae farm. Once we begin, we hopefully will have food for the fish and chickens and better yet. NO MORE PESKY HOUSEFLIES!!!!!  Yes!!!  Can you believe that?  Black soldier flies keep away the pesky nasty flies!  

PLUS their larvae provide high protein for our girls and fish!!!  

All with a bunch of rotten meat we are unable to compost so we'd usually just throw out (what a waste)  So cool!

Update: 1/11/2015

Well, this project has been a success!  We've got nice fat grubs from the Black Soldier Flies and they are keeping the nasty houseflies away.  We've been giving the larvae to the girls.  They go crazy for them!!!  I love it that I don't have to throw my leftover meat away now, we can just keep adding to my fly farm and continue using our meat waste for something that provides me with great beneficial insects and food for both our chickens and fish!!!