Canning‚Äč -

The art of fermentation or preservation

Sustainable Living, Education, Aquaponics and Small Living

Well a new project on the table came up and with homesteading in mind we start with little bit of equipment picked up at the local OSH store and begin canning.  

One big pot, rack, hot bottle pickup, funnel, salt, sugar, seasoning vinegar and a little time.

Let the canning experience begin!

There are kits to and quite a many great books on the subject of canning.  We started this as we saw our ability to eat what we havest to unfortunately not being able to keep pace with the natural life span of harvested goods.  

You know that saying you are what you eat and if you find you have a hard time reading the labels that might be one of the first and best reasons to start canning.   We are thinking they best way to dive into this project is to do it and thinking sometime later this year we will have a small meetup group teach the process we have had success with.

Check in with our events page to see upcoming sessions.