Sustainable Living, Education, Aquaponics and Small Living

We are now able and ready to provide classes to individuals and groups on a variety of sustainable living subjects!

These classes will be provided by scheduled appointments only and depending on your needs the cost of these classes will vary.  We will work with all individuals on pricing depending on their needs.  We can do course in person or over a video conference call (Skype or  Lync).

  • Chickens - Embarking on taking care of chickens is a wonderful and rewarding experience.  We want to give you the knowledge of raising your chickens and giving them a happy life. We will go over backyard urban chicken from day one.    
  • Aquaponics - Why and how to build systems to grow your own food.  Learn the benefits and start you own sustainable garden.  Learn about caring of the fish.  Learn about the microbes that life needs to produce healthy foods.
  • Growing Vegetables and beneficial plants - With focus of a permaculture design and being able to grow in various mediums.  We will have topics from microgreens to soil and wicking bed gardening.
  • Worm Farming - Learn the benefits of having your own worm farm.  Learn about vermiculture.  Create your own worm farm and compost tea to use in your garden. 
  • Homesteading - Self-reliance from the your garden to preserving.  Learn how to do more for yourself vs. heading to the store.

Please contact us via email​ (no phone calls for scheduling please) for further information.​