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The Soil

ground, raised beds or any place you can created a lush healthy environment.​​

My daughter the other day said "eewwww" it's so gross while I was working the soil (coming from someone who cleans the chicken run every Sunday and coop daily like clockwork).  Soil is wonderful. It is rich with life, smells like the outside, good and clean.  Er...if you've got good soil.  

We have the most beautiful soil in our San Francisco home.  It is rich, loamy, full of life, dark brown, and with the fog that comes in everything gets a fine mist of water, just right for the native and some not native plants that live there.  

Here in our Santa Clara home, our soil is rock like clay.  When dried, clover seems the only plant that can grow.  I love clover.  My chickens love clover but the problem is, when you want to grow some good eating veggies, the clovers kind of take over and grow over your veggies hogging sunlight.  I've spent time, money, and lots of energy building up the soil in my back yard (even the chickens helped by tilling the garden for me and eating all the bugs!!!).

Yes, I still garden traditionally, I love touching the soil.  I love it even when there are weeds like clovers (which by the way nitrify the soil as an added benefit).  It shows me the soil is healthy, it can grow plants.  So I let a few clovers slip by once in a while just because they are pretty.  Jason has even caught me eating them...hey the girls eat them!!  I was tasting for salt but he thought I'd lost my mind.  Well, I did.  I lost my mind falling head over heals with mother nature.  Finding her again has made finding what I want out of life easy.  I do it every day by putting my hand in the soil and I feel one with the earth and everything connected to it.  It feels good and makes me feel complete since I am part of nature too.

Speaking of soil, all different plants have different needs, there are crop rotation, fertilizers, compost, mulch, etc, we can do to build up the soil constantly giving back what we take and is freely given by earth. To get the right consistency (like when you bake bread or cookies)and then using natural compost (this seems to be a secret grandma recipe since everyone has a different one) and gettting it down.  All gardeners and farmers know what I'm talking about.  We want the every person to know what it is too and not something "gross".

Our friends... the microbacteria

Soil is just not just dirt and to grow any type of vegetation is not limited to just soil as we can create microbacterial enviroments in rocks and water.  The microbacteria is what really creates the life and our foundation for growing anything we want.  We just think soil is the only place it grows...not true.